we tell the same story again and again

the same stories s

Is this
what we say when
words cross, intersect with
essence?  What point is created?
is it

an end,
a beginning
meeting as paradox,
the sum we call zero?  Nothing

and yet
everything is–
a birth peeling off time
into all possibilities–
is it

the moon
reflecting sun,
breath and sky dissolving
layer by layer?  Finally
the sea

the well-worn path
as a mercurial
map, constantly rearranging
the bones.

Is this
a beginning,
a birth peeling off time
layer by layer?  Finally,
the bones.

the same stories close up s

Colleen challenged us to write a garland cinquain for her Tanka Tuesday prompt.  I’ve used synonyms for the words provided this week by Linda Lee Lyberg, nimble and enigma.

I do seem to tell the same story over and over again.  But perhaps I’m getting a bit better at it.

12 thoughts on “we tell the same story again and again

    1. I wanted the tape to leave white sections so I could control the overlap of colors. I should know by now I can’t control anything, especially when water is involved.


  1. Kerfe, I’m so sorry it took me so long to get to your poem. First, this is an emotional read!! I had goosebumps and tears. I love philosophical ruminations and your words are so powerful! Our world bound and gagged is an excellent image to represent our current flux. “The bones…” as above, so below… You know I want to use this in my book as an example. Wow! ❤

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