waiting s

let the raging rivers
polish each soul–
let the darknesses
become liquid light
as the waters still

̴ waiting   ̴

for clarity to reveal
the depths—let them
return running through
the end, bringing birth
back to the source

waiting close up 2s

Each time I read another puente written by Jane or Merril I tell myself I will attempt the form.  This one wrote itself (with help from the Oracle of course).

A poem of redress for earthweal.

Collage inspired by Richard Diebenkorn, words inspired by Pablo Neruda.

22 thoughts on “waiting

    1. I think the puente form is like a bridge. We need to find that center before we can figure out what direction leads to a future and not back on the same old road.


  1. Lots of poems this weekend about seeing, clarity, glints of the real, clarifying — ours must be a dense time — I love the way here how souls are polished in dark spans — how important waiting is. Clarity evolves. Looking forward to what else becomes visible to you — Brendan

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  2. There is a lot of sychroncity going on here at earthweal. We must all be caught in the same wave of thought seeking the lifeline of clarity. We must ride the stream of thought as, it will take us to the shores
    of reflection.

    Travel safely in your journey to enlightenment

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