sue key s

I do not
know this body—is it
mine?  It does
not obey
the years that hide the past—it
unravels like lies.

It tries to
pretend, believe in
what never
the wrong age for the face I
imagined, the face

by the self I thought
I stand exposed–
a silhouette seen in the
doorway of the night.

I tried something a little different with my collage for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  I used a generic thank you card I had received in the mail for a donation as a base, and decided to go over the edges and make a kind of diorama with it.

sue key close up s

And then of course it needed a story.

Here is how it looks when laid flat.

sue key flat s

18 thoughts on “keyhole

  1. An interesting and creative idea with the collage. The silhouette on the left looks like a statue, a bust on a stand–and in my head it’s someone from history. (I don’t know why.) 😀. It is strange how our bodies change and our minds don’t recognize it exactly.

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  2. I’m glad you posted the collage laid flat. I see the arm and the hand with the key now. At first I saw in the white sleeve a grumpy ghost-face, in opposition to the still black silhouette. There’s so much in this, whichever way the eye interprets it. Yes, there is a gap between what we see and how we feel inside.

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