shine bright

shine bright blk s

Is who we are first tribal, or is it nothing at all?—particles unjoined, the dust of eons.  How do we make sense of our place in the world as homo sapiens?  Do we even need to hold on to that identity?  Must we be labeled, categorized, forbidden, dismissed?

Embracing the isolation of our own self-definitions, we pretend to be the only ones allowed—better, exclusive, oppressed by difference.  All the while the net frays, the miracles of being turn into an infinity of voices drowning in egos with closed eyes, with closed hearts, with lost souls.

shine bright
you are everything and
like nothing else

shine bright wht s

Ammol at dVerse asks us to consider Pride Month.

50 thoughts on “shine bright

        1. I read an article last night about archeological evidence showing prehistoric peoples even in groups where there were limited supplies of food and such taking care of individuals who would have needed high levels of care. It seemed a marked contrast to me of the often selfish behavior we’re seeing now. And some Native American groups, and other cultures, accepted two-spirit individuals. . . It seems sometimes like we’re only technically “advanced.”

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          1. Yes, I read that they had found evidence of individuals who had physical handicaps and wouldn’t have been able to look after themselves had still lived longish lives proving they must have been looked after by the group.
            Yes, a two spirit person has always seemed like a sensible sort of idea to me. Being yourself shouldn’t have to need heavy medical intervention, should it?

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                  1. I’m glad the treatment has helped you. As I said, it is a complex issue, and I’m not a doctor a science or a psychologist so I don’t feel qualified to talk about the subject and I don’t know enough about it to even have an opinion.


                  2. I too am glad you found a treatment that helps. Sexuality and gender are complex, and what works is different for each person. I do think a more fluid cultural definition of who we can be would help everyone be more comfortable in their skin– it’s not always just gender identity that causes us to feel out of sync.

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  1. Very neat art piece. I think we are and we want to be part of a tribe. I think we are even ok with hierarchies in tribes. It’s when we cannibalize each other for personal gain that things go so very wrong.

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    1. Maybe. I don’t feel I belong to any group through which I would define myself though. Which group would own me? I’m not sure there is one. “She’s one of us”–i can’t imagine anyone saying that.

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