on a turtle’s back

turtle back round s

we cling to ourselves
(a)mending all our invitations
with threads that must be pulled
in just the right way

we disguise our own
houses as fortresses–
foundations sunk deep
into the growth of the economy

we arrange nature
to reflect order, not chaos,
not seeds strewn on the wind–
we kill the intruders,
the unwanted, unexpected,
the exceptional,
with chemicals and pruning

we have forgotten
awe, the strangeness
of wonder, of what
we did not know
to look for

we’ve forgotten to be
curious, to open
the door, to enter
into dialogue with
forces we cannot control

we no longer know how
to return what is given
with care and kindness–
to celebrate the earth,
to leave room for her
to sing her own song

turtle back half a

Merril’s photo of the turtle she moved off the road on one of her walks provided the inspiration for both my art and my poem.  Turtles are symbols for Mother Earth in many cultures, and are said to carry the world on their backs.

They could use some help right now with the load we have given them.  For the earthweal challenge culture and nature.

turtle back close up s

Nina and I both love turtles and have posted about them on memadtwo many times.  You can see some of the posts here.

turtle shell s

36 thoughts on “on a turtle’s back

  1. Mother Earth definitely needs some help right now, as do turtles. I saw another one today, but this one was safely in the park on the grass. Your art does look like a plate, but to me, it also looks like part of a Chinese screen.

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  2. So perfectly well said. I read an article years ago which said something like, If we can retain from childhood our sense of awe – that feeling of breath taken by beauty or wonder – then we could remain open to learning and curious about the world. (the painting is beautiful too)

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  3. We do need to reclaim wonder…..there is so much beauty all around, when we take the time to see it……..I especially love your closing stanza, leaving room for earth to sing her own song – such a beautiful one.

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  4. Knowing what you’ve forgotten–and how–leaves room for a grand remembering. Perhaps it will be a new faith/religion. I saw the cause you isolate as “we arrange nature
    to reflect order, not chaos” and think about a fear that reestablishing a relationship with earth will have to address. A poem to share widely!

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