thought for the day

postcard 15s

wish for bird gardens
your mind will grow feathers
float through air surprised

Another one of my postcard collaborations with the collage box Oracle.  This one was done on a postcard  of Monet’s “Peace Under the Lilac Bush”

I’ve been reading a book about Monet’s water lilies.  He didn’t start those monumental paintings until he was in his 70s, and worked on them throughout the years of World War I, refusing to evacuate from his beloved home and gardens at Giverny.  I haven’t quite reached that age yet, so I guess there’s still time for a creative endeavor or two for me as well.

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22 thoughts on “thought for the day

  1. I love painter’s obsessions, as was Inness and the Roman Campagna, and Van Gogh and his wheat-fields, or Churchill and his pond, or Gauguin and the women of Tahiti. And it seems like they only develop these things later in life, or at least, their artistic life.
    Loved the collage, and the poem is so sweet.

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  2. I was shocked at the things my mind allowed me to do once my heart set it free. Float in air surprised. you can swim in Monet’s lillies, water and light stillness and change. I had the chance to see a large display of them in traveling in Basel decades ago. They still silence noise inside of me just in thinking back

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    1. Thanks Lona. When MOMA is open they have a water lily room and it’s magical. I was also luck enough to see a larger group of them in a traveling exhibit a few years ago.
      We could all use more wings!

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  3. I agree with Merril and Jane 🙂 if we allow ourselves, our minds would and could understand things which remain a mystery otherwise. 💝

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    1. Thanks Jade. I don’t think he thought of himself as a role model, but he was very concerned about his artistic legacy. Who ever considers themselves old? I am, but I don’t.

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