July 2020

july 20 grid 1s

I see twilight be
coming dawn–clear, unjingo
istic, open, free

I usually do a red white and blue grid for July, but this year it doesn’t feel right, just like our national anthem has never felt right to me.  Not even considering the character of Francis Scott Key, I never wanted to celebrate bombs bursting in air.  I don’t think God is on “our” side.  There is nothing that makes me any more deserving of anything than any other living being of any other nationality, race, or religion.

july 20 grid 2s

Everything that happens everywhere affects everyone and every place on Earth.  Unless we learn to act on that truth, there is little hope for humanity’s survival.



20 thoughts on “July 2020

  1. The national anthem never felt right to me either. This is a brilliant and beautiful post. I’m thinking about posting all your art work that I have for July 4, what do you think? N.


  2. Thanks Nina. I’d rather you post your own stuff. I’ve been reposting lots of my old things, nothing wrong with that. Not only do people not remember them, we have new followers.


    1. Thanks Robbie. It has a reputation for being difficult to sing here! I would prefer a song that did not glorify war. Patriotism as an idea is so infused with politics now that it has no real meaning in the United States any more.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your about the US national anthem. As a person from another country I have always found those lines troubling. Your art work is has a quiet jubilation about it.

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