among the purple heather

among the purple s

unwinding beneath
skies, layers
circling back on themselves, cross
currented by wind–

trees sweep leaves
into shapes–shivered,
spilled over
edges, cast
shadowed with spirits holding
earth connecting air

blossomed voices—bells
calling words
into breath,
into dances that whisper

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.

I recently came across a video that talked about asemic writing, and using it as a prompt for extracting poetry from your unintellible scribbles. I decided to use Sue’s photo as a guide for my asemic composition, first using fine point markers in colors that echoed the landscape.  I then freewrote what I thought my marks were trying to say.

among the purple ansemic s

After that I took watercolor pencils, dipped them in water, and wrote asemically again over the markers, blurring both.  I looked at what I had written in my initial response, extracted some of the ideas, and formed them into a shadorma chain to go with the final composition.

among the purple close up s


When I saw Sue’s photo, the first thing I thought of was the traditional Scottish song “Wild Mountain Thyme”.  Joan Baez did a famous version, but I think the one I remember most from my youth is by the Byrds.  It’s been covered and reinterpreted by artists as varied as Van Morrison, the Clancy Brothers, and Ed Sheeran.  I listened to a lot of them, but I really like this one by Kate Rusby.

among the purple ansemic close up s

28 thoughts on “among the purple heather

  1. Your poem had such a powerful effect on me I actually started smelling lavender when I read it! I really like your asemic writing. I have a fascination with the idea of asemic writing too though my takes a different form. Overall this post inspires me to get creative myself. Thanks.

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    1. I’m glad to help with inspiration! I was surprised how easily the words flowed from the scribbles, and I think this could go many ways and take many forms.


    1. Thanks Jane. As a visual artist, I found this approach very appealing. I will certainly use it again. Of course I think how great it would be to stitch the marks…


        1. It actually remind me of something Claudia and I did a few year ago where we wrote over each other’s writing. I think I may have done some stitching on it too. Has a lot of possibilities.


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