July 4 Moon

cloud over full moon s

darkness plays with clouds
illuminated edges
hint at full moon

fireworks full moon s

Who needs Macy’s?  For weeks, the neighborhood has been in full fireworks mode, with displays launching from both sidewalks and the rooftops of at least 5 surrounding buildings.  Last night they were still going off at 5am.  Strangely, I’ve learned to sleep (mostly) through them.

fireworks full moon 2s

So the moon had to compete with both on and off cloudcover and the rocket’s red glare…

full moon half s

I wonder if it will be quiet tonight…(not really…this will go on for a few more weeks I’m sure…it hasn’t been this noisy in June and July since the 70s)

For Frank Tassone’s #haikai challenge, buck moon.

14 thoughts on “July 4 Moon

  1. I have an app that reminds me of the phases of the moon (Lunescope). This time it was telling me about the lunar eclipse going on, and I never did the math to figure out that meant full moon. Doh!
    It was full here at 5am today, so I’ll try to check it out tonight.

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  2. Fireworks here every night too. Never seen it like that before. Another manifestation of the world’s rapid trying out so many new things and shaking off old. Or so I like to think. I sleep through it too and even the cat is used to it now.

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  3. Great photos :)) I gather it’s been quite a noisy time for July 4. More private fireworks were going off around July 1 here, north of the border, as well. Fortunately the rumbles are distant outside of the city.

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