The Local Crow (revised)

crow 3s

Crow calls to me from above–
“Crowman are you stalking me?”
There he is—on that roof.

Call to attention–
the question
harsh, always interrupting

the pause between the lines.
“Do you want me to look up?”
He extends the invitation again and again.

“I’m telling stories,”
shape-shifting in the interlude–
“remaking the recent past.”

how to release and how to begin–
but that part’s invisible,
stark with intention.

“…or do you hear it?”
unseen voices echo across the gap,
“and are you laughing at me?”

an interior bathed in blue–
“OK—I’m leaving that world—”
memories circle round and round–

“I’m here now, present.”
thoughts hang in the air–
“I’m unfolding those regrets.”

Crow flies over my shadow.
“Are you happy now?”
the clash of silence, unbound

crow 1s

Crow has been following me around for about 15 years now.  I notice birds all the time, but I don’t always know what they are saying to me.  I have a tendency to space out, especially when walking.  Crow’s message has always been clear:  get outside yourself, pay attention.

crow 4s

A message that’s more important than ever.  For Earthweal, messages from the wild, hosted by Sherry, a revision of one of my many poems about Crow.

17 thoughts on “The Local Crow (revised)

  1. I LOVE your crows! The shape-shifter in your poem, with the lovely back and forth conversation, and your wonderful sketches. Just beautiful. I loved this post.

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  2. This is a great poem and I would say the crow is your totem. The Red Tailed Hawk seems to follow me I have had a couple of up close interactions with them. They are visionary birds.

    With crows I usually take note and I don’t always understand their message but, I am aware they are there.

    Love this part

    “I’m telling stories,”
    shape-shifting in the interlude–

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  3. Love your poem. I too love to watch and listen to the birds, though I don’t know their names. I like that you’ve noticed the crow, and I hope you decipher its message.
    Your sketches are so good. I like to sketch too.

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