the ancient shores of galaxies still call

printed geese 1s

I stand facing the ocean
tides of wing and air–
time fades into mystery,
emptied of illusions

sea sketch 2s

tides of wing and air
held in light–
emptied of illusions
I swim in dream languages

forms die s

held in light
horizon merges into skylandsea–
I swim in dream languages,
wordless songs that awaken stories

elaborate music s


horizon merges into skylandsea
consumed by rivers of stars–
wordless songs that awaken stories
mirrored in ethereal blue

ocean pencil drawing s

consumed by rivers of stars
time fades into mystery–
mirrored in ethereal blue
I stand facing the ocean

blue 2s

For earthweal, sacred (sea)scapes.  How many poems have I written about the sea?  As many as I have about birds and stars and moons.  This unrhymed pantoum contains lines from many of them.  The artwork is from my many previous ocean-themed posts as well.

29 thoughts on “the ancient shores of galaxies still call

  1. Kerfe, I love this series and how the lines connect with each other in the pantoum. In the collage with the spheres/planets and the ship, what strikes me is that the blue and white sphere in the upper right corner has a shadow below it and to the left, as if being illumated from another source. Your mixed media art never fails to wow me.

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  2. A stunning pairing of pantoum and artwork, Kerfe, I love your sacred seascapes, and the way you’ve woven together past lines and images. The title is a poem on its own! My favourite phrases are: ‘ocean tides of wing and air’, ‘I swim in dream languages’, and ‘consumed by rivers of stars’ – the liquidity is palpable.

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  3. “. . . wordless songs that awaken stories
    mirrored in ethereal blue”

    Such a good application of pantoom and art for the truth they reveal about the sacred space that is the human relationship with ocean/stars. Has there ever been a more powerful muse?

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  4. The repetition like tides and waves washing over and infinity in the circular beginning and end. This is really beautiful. And always you incredible art to accompany.

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