blue whale s

whalesong magnetic s

When I saw what the Oracle had given me today, I went looking for an old post I had done on blue whales.  What I wrote six years ago is only more true today.

The blue whale is the world’s largest and heaviest existing animal. Hunted almost to extinction by whalers in the 19th century, it is currently endangered, like many other species, by habitat loss due to pollution and climate change. Toxic chemicals and the warming of the ocean disrupt migration and food sources, sonar disrupts whale communication, and whales also collide with ships and become entangled in fishing gear.

Humans have not been kind to whales.

blue whale eye s

A good, if depressing, compilation of whale and human history can be found in Philip Hoare’s book “The Whale”.  My review on goodreads is here:  https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/118181104


Also linking to earthweal open link weekend.

ancient blue
spirtsong follows
deep moonpath

listen as
secrets breathe between

21 thoughts on “whalesong

  1. I’m learning (trying) to paint, so I love your painting. Your haiku are beautiful and complement your painting so wonderfully. Love all of your art here and appreciate the tribute to the blue whale.

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    1. Thanks Myrna. This is an old painting–I’m not even sure I could paint like this anymore. Even at the time it was something out of the ordinary for me. Whales are worth saving, and I hope we can manage it.


  2. More blue! Yes, as Merril said, blue is definitely the theme of the moment, and how much bluer can you get than a blue whale?
    ‘spiritsong, moonpath, waterlight’
    what lovely words you’ve created too.

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