on a clear night the moon shines full into my window

august moon jupiter s

Jupiter swimming
in the wake of August moon–
clouds whisper sky sea

memories of ocean blue tides
rising almost full at dusk

august moon blue s2

Jupiter is really bright in the night sky these days.  A few days ago it moved right above the moon across the sky.  The night before that the moon rose luminous in the blue dusk.

august moon yellow s

Last night it was a beautiful gold, but my close up turned it white.

august moon white s

For Frank Tassone #haikai challenge, Sturgeon moon, and Peter Frankis at dVerse, looking out the window.

august moon city s


47 thoughts on “on a clear night the moon shines full into my window

    1. Thanks Jane. I often wonder if people on the street ever look up and wonder what I’m doing with my camera at the window for such a long time. But I can’t resist.


  1. Oh, wow! I love your poem so much. So beautifully expressed, the imagery is almost tangible. Your photos are perfect and amazing as well, Kerfe. It’s just so elegant and absorbing to look at. It fits your piece very well as they accompany each other. ❤ ❤

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    1. Thanks Kim. I’ve already written often about the day view (especially when I hadn’t been outside for weeks). And of course I’m always writing about the moon. But it was especially lovely this week from my window.

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  2. A lovely post Kerfe! I love looking at the moon and stars etc. at night. Where I live Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Venus are easily seen in a clear sky at different points during the night right now. And I love the moon shining through my bedroom window at night…

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