Fore and Aft

moondrunk close up s

Sea, moon, sails–
are words a story?
Wonder.  Where.
The journey
ends.  Compassed and jibed.  Adrift
and dreaming.  Betides.

the moon is dreaming s


A shadorma for Colleen’s #tanka Tuesday, using synonyms for circled and squared, and for Sarah at dVerse who asks us to consider boats.

reverie close up s

Once again I’ve dipped into my art archives for the illustrations.

42 thoughts on “Fore and Aft

  1. I love how you fragment the sentences here with periods, K. It shows itself to the reader and makes them assimilate each line in its glory. I love the beginning of this too. Words are indeed a story. What story shall they tell? That is up to you. The ocean shore, in its imagery, is a dream and it encompasses mystery along the journey. We have different journeys, all destined to be different in each tide. I really adore the paintings here; they accompany your poem so well. Excellent piece, and such a lovely take on the prompt. Thank you for sailing me along the way through your words. I enjoyed the journey!

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    1. Thanks Lucy. I find the shadorma form lends itself to many ways of phrasing, much more than any other form I’ve tried. It’s probably the form I use most (although I love pantoums also). I am not being very productive in my art output these days, but luckily I have a large inventory of past images to choose from. I can almost always find one that works.

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  2. Brilliant, Kerfe. I love this: “Compassed and jibed.” I feel such a sense of freedom from your questions and lovely art work. It’s the sailing boats and the sea that get my imagination going. The use of the word, “betides,” is so fitting. You amaze me each week! ❤

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