20 thoughts on “Can’t figure out the block editor

    1. nope. I’m just too stressed in general to try to deal with it. 5 hours and I couldn’t even get back in to edit the text. No way to add illustrations I could find, no help from WordPress when I inquired. When my life stabilizes I’ll try again. But that may be awhile.


      1. I got sucked into it too this evening and it won’t let me add images, not that I can see anyway. I dumped it and went through the WP admin to use the very old editor. It’s a pain but better than the awful new editor.

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          1. I’ve tried what they call the ‘classic block’ in the new editor and I can get into my gallery and upload images. You have to keep reminding it that you want to stay in the classic thingy because it switches off and reverts to the new editor.


    1. No way to download pictures–the toolbar for it is missing. Wont let me even edit saved text. I spent 5 hours with no result…my life is too stressful to add another thing. Also no answer from WordPress on what to do. My point has tipped. If things ever stat to stabilize I’ll try again. But that looks like months now.

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    2. No, not any more. They are gradually switching everyone over permanently, and they switched me yesterday. They have a “Classic” block, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. It’s not the same as classic, it’s just a not so good imitation, at least on my computer.


  1. Ugh. It’s so frustrating – what is so amazing about this new editor that they have to force people to switch?!? (so far, the answer is: nothing). I miss you already!

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  2. Kerfe, I’ve been missing your presence and just hunted down your blog to see what was going on. What a royal pain this new editor sounds like. I think out of the several people who have gone over, only 1 or 2 have expressed even a hint of positive about it. Vast majority despise it. Now you’re moving? The double whammy. Please know you are in my thoughts and that you are missed. Hoping you get moved and settled in and are able to get the new editor to function to your liking.

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    1. Thanks Jade. The WordPress “happiness engineer” told me everyone “loves” the new editor. I’ll deal with it after I get moved. As I told him, anything that makes things more difficult is not good design (he did not dispute that it was more difficult, interestingly)

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  3. 😦 The only time I’ve used the block editor is when I need to set up multiple columns, displaying two poems side-by-side. Since they first introduced the block editor, I’ve been going the the Admin page (Dashboard) so I can use the Classic Editor (which still has Visual and Text tabs). The Posts link on the left of the Dashboard takes me to a list of my poems, and that page has an Add New drop-down button with two choices, Block Editor and Classic Editor. I’m just waiting to take the hit like everyone else.

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    1. Jane told me about the Admin page…I’ll try it after I get moved, or packed enough that I have a little time to fool around with it. They’ve been doing both for months, I don’t know why they just can’t continue that way…but WordPress has its own agenda.

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