the beach at night

eclipsed mandala s

can moonlight tumble?
reflections transformed by waves–
diamonds in the foam

moonlight tumbles–
reflections transformed–
diamond foam


eclipsed close up s

For Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday where the theme, chosen by Franci Hoffman, is the night sky.  I did not get to the beach this year, but I’m remembering the magic of past summer nights by the ocean.

And once again using art from the archives.

19 thoughts on “the beach at night

  1. For once, I see a contrast between the image and the words. The words are light, magical, mysterious in a good way. The painting makes me think of something trapped, an owl or a seahorse behind a porthole and the white is like shattered glass. Which makes it even more striking.

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    1. I’m sure if I was painting something new for it, it would have been different. I chose this because it reminded me of light reflecting at night on the waves. But I do see the image you found in it as well.

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      1. It’s probably the shattering of the image that tipped it for me. There’s just been another religious nutter knife attack in Paris. Someone ‘offended’ by a cartoon, so people who have nothing whatsoever to do with it have to die. Hoping the hapless victims pull through.

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          1. I doesn’t make me feel unsafe. The chances of being run over are far higher than being the victim of a terrorist attack, but I do wonder about the motivations of these young men who have been granted asylum in a country that isn’t of Islamic culture, and then take it upon themselves to shoot or stab random citizens for not being of an Islamic culture.

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            1. They still don’t know why that man took all those guns to his hotel room in Las Vegas and started shooting people at a concert out his window. I dont think there is a reasonable explanation. (K)

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                    1. You just don’t travel in the right circles.
                      My nephew actually dated a woman who worked on military armaments. We had dinner with them, and my brother asked her if she felt any guilt about it. She had no answer, but she clearly wasn’t easy in her mind about it. Luckily, my nephew moved on.


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