sailing the moon

ghost ships rise
along the crescent,
their moonmasts–
sails blurred blue into oceans–
dusk stilled into night

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt of August 20, below.

I posted my original painting on memadtwo with the Oracle’s meditation on Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  I was dissatisfied with it and intensified the dark for the painting above.  I had written the poem at that time as well (even though I was offline), and it complements the Oracle’s words I think.

The crescent moon circle was taken from one of my photos, but I think I should have glued it down.  A small task I will get to soon.

Also sending good wishes to Sue as she deals with a serious illness.

9 thoughts on “sailing the moon

  1. I love a spectral tallship no matter what, but this arboreal vision is fantastic — as is the word *moonmast* ♡ I found myself also seeing Howl’s Moving Castle…

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    1. Thanks Sun. I like that comparison. My younger daughter and I both love animation, and I miss our trips to the cinema. One of the last things we saw before the lockdown was animated Moomins at a children’s film festival (we weren’t the only childless adults there either). We’ve seen Howl’s Moving Castle on more than one occasion.

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