intersections 2

birdlings in space s

The Oracle’s enigmatic message this morning had me looking through my archive of birdlings art. This one fit the bill.

slow she sails like stars,
kissing awake
the broken heart,

healing the holes of decay
that devour time–

fools are born
with the universe–
surrounded by the rhythm
of dazzled skies

13 thoughts on “intersections 2

  1. At first I read this as stars kissing, which happens every night in the sky. Such a positive and encouraging message with the awakening brokenness and filling in the holes of decay. The artwork reflects the peace even amongst chaos. I saw a cool idea the other week that just came to mind. You know those poured acrylic paintings? Someone used them for the background of collage. It looked very cool. I might try that with a couple of my poured acrylics and see what happens.

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