of fairies and birdlings

it’s easy
to say no—but what
does that word
really mean,
exactly?—“not now”?—“never”?–
“I don’t understand”?—

“I don’t want
to deal with it”?—what
lies between
the letters,
the sounds hard and long?  if you
take away the n

what is left?–
only a surprise,
a sense of
filled with possibility–
the magic of ”o!”


The Kick-About prompt this week features a photo of the Cottingley fairies, above, taken by two girls in England in 1917. Looking at the photo from the vantage point of digital manipulation in 2020, it’s easy to laugh at the fact that anyone could have actually believed that they were “real”. And yet…

(and here I find I must make more birdlings)

Are fairies true? Are birdlings?

19 thoughts on “of fairies and birdlings

  1. Close to where I live is an area of nature called Fairyland! I’ve heard various people from diverse backgrounds in this town maintain there are fairies here. I don’t see how one can believe otherwise. Also, in a book called San Michele by Axel Munthe there’s an episode where a fairy featured. The artist Martina Abromovic, a Pole, tells of an incident in her childhood where she found an area of tiny grass clumps, tied so to form a house. Once she poked her finger at one and a little creature ran out. So there. As to birdlings … absolutely!

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  2. Are faeries and birdlings real? Real enough as one of my old online acquaintances used to say. I know that Japanese belief system has mushi-shi which are bright lights with spirit life. (my description not theirs) Their stories are rich with spirits! I love your new birdlings and love the background they are on. And “O” the quantum leap of but a letter ❤

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