wake up

I needed
herbal tea and drank
lemon ginger—aromas
filled the afternoon

this morning my head
pounded with
caffeine—I had neglected
to include coffee

I needed
to smell the coffee
pot brewing–
the cup–cravings satisfied–
snug, reblanketed

I wrote two blanket poems yesterday–one was depressing and the other too enigmatic, to put it kindly. This poem came to me spontaneously this morning as I waited for my caffeine to brew–along with a drawing to help the time pass more quickly.

A quadrille for dVerse, where Merril has given us the word blanket

18 thoughts on “wake up

    1. I was late to coffee drinking (my job as a bank teller did the trick). But I not only seem to need morning coffee, but that afternoon caffeine as well–my headache this morning proved it. All though I did enjoy all that herbal tea!

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  1. I love this quadrille and the drawing to accompany it. I too am lost without my morning caffeine rush (and my afternoon one, if I’m honest…) I also love the word ‘reblanketed.’

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  2. I’m happy you are working, but it must be another adjustment you’ve needed to make. I’m glad you have the caffeine to keep yourself going but also the comfort of the aromatic herbs in herbal tea. I love the smell of camomile tea! It’s aromatherapy as well I think.

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