Like Breathing

circle sky birdlings s

Black is the color of creation.
The void is beginning.
Emptiness must be filled.
You can’t have something without nothing.

And how does that apply to imaginary beings?
Must there also be a counterpart that’s real?

Must every question have an answer and every answer a question?

Catch the words–
in context they become magic.
Recreate the patterns that create potential,
the map to being born.

A cloud is like breathing.
Breathing is like catching.
Catching is like stopping time.
Stopping time is like an earthquake.
An earthquake is like a heart beating fast.
A heart beating fast is like drumming.
Drumming is like dancing.
Dancing is like a bird.
A bird is like flowers.
Flowers are like a rainbow.
A rainbow is like a song.
A song is like the universe.
The universe is like a wheel.

The void is pregnant.

The journey is alive.

Do we get broken so we can be fixed?

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above, from August 2017. I’ve been missing Sue’s prompts. Sending this one out to her along with wishes for healing, a good night’s sleep, and the taste of a strong cup of coffee.

circle birdlings close up 1s

Also linking to Earthweal Open Link Weekend.

27 thoughts on “Like Breathing

  1. I really like your poem. That black void is where I am right now -not sad, just in the creative interior where its hard to form words. I am reading along and following even if I can’t articulate much. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Me too. Btw you sent me an email about ATCs that was meant for Petru I think. Emails seem so formal so I’ll reply here first. I like the idea of trading artist cards. It’s the first idea in ages I’ve felt excited about. I’ll send you an email later and maybe even write a blog post and get something started. Talk soon…

        Liked by 1 person

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