and indecipherable
this arcane force
that leads me

nowhere neither
straight or narrow
before or behind
the curve

not  in
or out
on either

you could
call it wandering
except for
the fact that

it seems to
have some
in mind

For dVerse, hosted by De, a quadrille using the word magnet, with more art from the archives.

33 thoughts on “betwixt

          1. Ha ha! Me too. I admire people who can work out which way to go using as their base line somewhere they can’t even see. I can’t get from a to b unless I’ve physically walked the route dozens of times using landmarks like plants in windows or a broken gate to navigate.

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            1. Its very easy for me to get disoriented even if I’ve been somewhere before. I wonder what it is that gives us a spatial sense. I always have trouble with 3-D space.


  1. I love this. “Enimagnetic” is the perfect portmanteau. It reminds me of God’s plan (because I believe that God does have a plan). We are drawn toward something, even if we don’t know why or when or what.

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  2. I love the portmanteau word ‘enimagnetic’, Kerfe, and the wonderful, wandering and meandering of your quadrille. I often feel like I’m being led by an arcane force and have no idea of the destination – a magical mystery tour of life.

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