I had a lot of false starts with the Oracle this morning. She definitely wanted to talk about both shadows and the sea. This is where I ended up.

mist shadows
recall blue moonlight
dreamlike languages
on seas of no sleep

And it does reflect the kinds of nights I’ve been having. Once again, art from the archives.

9 thoughts on “nightfog

  1. The white spots look like bubbles in the water. Sounds like you’re submerged in insomnia. Follow the air bubbles to the surface and you’ll see moon that’s waiting for you. Keane’s a new artist to me. He’s got a great soulful voice.

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    1. I’ve been sleeping badly for a long time, but the quality of sleeplessness varies. It’s definitely like being submerged right now. One of the better kinds.
      I like Keane a lot. One of those groups I only just remembered again.

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