most dreamed
otherworldly this
hour this hidden light
found by shifting seasons
like a song already known
a secret spellbound heartsown with
haunted melodies resonating
as echoes returned from a lost refrain

For Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday where the prompts this week were a photo provided by Trent McDonald (above) and/or synonyms for the words “MOVE & MAKE” provided by David Ellis.

23 thoughts on “parabola

    1. Thanks Jane. The boat was unintended, but there it is. I see the hand of the Oracle at work. Of course there’s always a certain amount of surprise in watercolor.


                  1. It has more to do with finding a more affordable place to live. My hubby is older than me. We need to prepare for the future. I grew up in Wisconsin so I know how the weather is. I do miss the change in season. We had 7 months plus of over one hundred degrees this year in AZ. That’s really hard. ❤️

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                    1. Thanks, Kerfe. Life is an adventure, for sure. After another week of 100 degree temperatures, on Tuesday morning I woke up to 49 degrees out. That’s cold! There was no spring or autumn. We went from cold to hot, and now hot to cold. That along with the fires and smoke does not help. If you know anyone your way that is looking for a beautiful house… send them my way. LOL! ❤

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