The year feels shattered–
a frozen folly
disintegrated into pieces without
ever beginning.

It pulls me apart
when I try to hang on–
not exactly dying, although
death lingers in the spaces between—

endless hurricanes
spinning out lightning
starting fires everywhere–
a frenzied weariness,

soaked to the bones
with endings that refuse
to complete themselves, but linger
on and on and on and on…

Who has hidden the seeds?
who has broken the wheel,
drawn fault lines in the seasons?
Return seems distant, only a dream,

a feeling, a fleeting image
of blues and greens–
light and new birth,
the shimmering moon reflected in the sea.

For the dVerse prompt of folly, suggested by Jade Li.

Once again, art from the archives. And that song has been playing in my brain.

21 thoughts on “2020

  1. I love the surreal imagery by word and painting complementing one another. Beautifully captures the never-ending quality of these times but finally lit with expectation of coming “blues and greens.”

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  2. This year certainly feels disjointed, like waiting for the other show to drop, then another, and another.

    That song made a certain 15 year-old do some heavy thinking when it came out.
    And now I have a hankering to watch Metropolis again.

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    1. I don’t know what made me think of it again. I’m sure I haven’t heard it since I was a teenager as well. But now it’s playing in my mind as an echo of these times. And yes, great video too.

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  3. Kerfe, your poem sings the truth like a funeral bell tolls. Those glimpses of blue and green on the sea by moonlight are what keeps me going. That and my faith in the cyclicity of things. This has been an abnormally long cycle, which cannot be denied, but there is no doubt that this dark cycle will be ending. God is merciful by placing the moon in the sky for us to see her spotlight on hope. ❤

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