The Flames Burn Cold

The voice of the wind is harsh, unending, bringing news of winter.  Under dusky grey I watch the heavens close in as tree bones rattle with last leaves.  Night is everywhere, penetrating with howling visions the sanctity of sleep.

Solitude is impossible.  Chanting surrounds me, invisible hands, the edge of a nightmare hovering on the threshold.  Ghostlike it travels through the streets, knocking on each door, finding the cracks in each soul, rearranging the molecules of each defense.  No prayer or good luck charm repels the chosen path of this bleak pilgrim.  Its faceless form looms like a black hole.

A cacophony of silence tunnels into the center of my mind.  It asks me no questions, desires no answers–an insatiable voice in a vortex ancient, eternal, lost.

forsaken, stars hide–
sky fallen into stillness
swallowing the moon

For the Earthweal Weekly Challenge, A Hallowed Moondance.

28 thoughts on “The Flames Burn Cold

      1. lol that’s looking on the bright side! Kick those beasties to the curb and let them bug someone else. I remember The BFG netted bad dreams and trapped them in jars. Good place for them.

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  1. For someone who is very visual, you made great use of sounds in this piece, Kerfe, with the harsh voice of the wind, howling visions, knocking on doors, cacophony of silence, all coming to a climax in an insatiable voice in a vortex. And then you slapped me with a wonderful image of the sky swallowing the moon! Love it!

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      1. It can be hard to shift dark moods right now. Music sometimes helps. All tge best – i have some ATCs for you -i just need to get to the post office. Social distancing means they have imposed all kinds of slightly nutty regulations,

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        1. Its a crazy time. Maybe they all are, but we only notice when it hits us over the head. The post office is iffy here right now, but hopefully all our postcards will arrive in good shape and time.

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              1. Absolutely. Much of the confusion is deliberate I think. I’ve been dealing with a lot of that lately too. I am going to buy an Australian Bush Flower Remedy this week called ‘Calm and Clear’. I’ve used it before and found it really helped me. I’ll get it when I brave the main street enough and get out and post your ATCs. 🙂 Take care.

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