how she flies

I’ve been working on this collage all week, and I asked the Oracle about it.

moon dances

open nevertime

ask air to let nightflower ghosts
bleed spirits like wild dark
star angels

the rhythm of eternity
wakes the secrets of fools–
voices that devour the hauntings
lingering in the icy oceans
of desire

Also linking again to Earthweal’s moondance.

22 thoughts on “how she flies

      1. There are lots of different ways of getting to what she wants is to hear. I think that the way I used the magnets to begin with, painstakingly making every single word by splicing and cutting, was not the right one. She drops ideas and images not tailor made phrases. I think we get to the point of the message when we pick out what seems relevant and work with that.

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        1. That’s true. I used to try to force words too. In this case my mind went to spirits, and the pieces for it were right there, all in a row. I didn’t realize for a long time that each time you refresh the words they are slightly, or sometimes radically, different. Sometimes I have a word in mind, but the Oracle shows me a better one. It’s a learning process.

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          1. True. Sometimes I get the whole poem from the first selection of words. Other times the poem isn’t finished until I’ve visited every page of proposed words. I have never tried to check that they are always the same words, just offered in a different order, but I’ve always assumed that’s how it works.

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  1. I love the collage and the magnetic poem, Kerfe! My favourite lines are ‘the rhythm of eternity/
    wakes the secrets of fools–’ I hope some of the fools awaken this coming week and do the necessary to oust the Fool-in-Chief from his pedestal…

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  2. A perfect pairing of collage and oracle-inspired poem, Kerfe. I love these lines and the way they sparkle darkly:
    ‘ask air to let nightflower ghosts
    bleed spirits like wild dark
    star angels’.

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  3. Somehow this got lost in my email. It’s beautiful, and of course, the Oracle would have something to say about the moon.
    I enjoyed your discussion about the Oracle with Jane, too. It’s interesting. Sometimes it’s almost like a type of automatic writing–you just see the words and it becomes a poem. Other times, she makes you work for it. But like Jane, I use her words as inspiration now.

    I’ve always loved the song, “The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress.” This Joe Cocker version is so different from Judy Collins’s version, but I like it, too.

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    1. Thanks Merril. I see the Oracle as a puzzle, I just need to fit the pieces together. Each time I learn something new about it.

      I can’t think of one Jimmy Webb song that is not worth listening to. I like a lot of the very different recordings of this song, but this one always chokes me up. I think Joe Cocker knew these words intimately.

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