The Voice kept trying to turn him back—“there is nothing behind the wall except a space where the wind whistles”—but he refused to believe its repeated lies.

And yet he could not find the source, hidden somewhere within the dimensionless shadows of the vertical, the angled, the edge.

He himself was scrabbled, suspended out of sight, waiting underneath many meaningless layers of illusion.  The indifference did not bother him; neither did the newsprint words strewn carelessly about. 

He considered himself abandoned, lost inside an unwritten story.  Curious strings embedded his thoughts in articles torn from the back page.

But what had happened to his body?  It was a puzzle he could not figure out.  He could see, listen, think.  But his position never changed.

Was his mind an orphan, birthed incompletely, accidentally, a false start left unfinished?

Was he himself the Voice?

I did this collage a few months ago, and I’ve been waiting for the right words to pair with it. Merril’s prosery prompt at dVerse,
“there is nothing behind the wall
except a space where the wind whistles”

from “Drawings By Children” by Lisel Mueller
found its way into an old freewrite page in my notebook that contained the phrase newsprint words strewn carelessly about and gave it some shape.

24 thoughts on “Headlines

        1. I’m not paranoid about myself. It’s the rest of the world I’m worried about. I thought I was being paranoid that Trump would sell state secrets to ease his debts, and then there’s a big newspaper article today that intelligence experts are worried about it too. If it impacts the safety of the United States it definitely impacts the safety of me in NYC.


  1. I love the air of disembodiment, Kerfe, especially in the phrase ‘a false start left unfinished’, and the lost-in-a-maze Kafkaesque tone in the ’dimensionless shadows of the vertical, the angled, the edge’. And there is something familiar about the feeling of being ‘lost inside an unwritten story’.

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  2. This is so very creative, once more utilizing your own Art as an internal prompt; eerie yes, even macabre, but I would go with Poe, or Heinlein more than Kafka. I even think it could touch on some Rod Serlingness.

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