Veterans Day NYC 2020

salutes spaced
between vehicles–
ghostboots march
in formation—echos caught
in mind’s eye–the tears

As with seemingly every celebration in 2020, the Veteran’s Day parade today here in NYC was largely symbolic–“a caravan of 100 vehicles with no spectators”–a shadow of the usual ceremony of 20-30,000 participants.

For Colleen’s #Tanka Tuesday where the words are imagine and gratitude, and Peter Frankis’ prompt at dVerse, where the task is to write about something from the local news (

38 thoughts on “Veterans Day NYC 2020

      1. Kerfe, WP support has been looking into this glitch with their app (for mobile) for me, for the last few says. Meanwhile, today I changed a setting in my email app and suddenly I can “like ” posts again. Not sure how they’re connected, except that I read blogs by clicking on posts in emailed notifications. If that’s what you also do, let me know and I’ll let you know the setting I changed.

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        1. I use my reader to look at blogs I follow. The reader has been doing strange things ever since they switched to the block. My daughter is a programmer, and she says most programmers never consider real people actually using what they design. We were talking about websites that make it hard to find the information you need, but it seems to be true of all digital platforms.

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  1. Beautiful and haunting words, Kerfe. My husband and I are both vets. That line: “ghost boots march…” Wow, that really is splendid imagery. I think of everyone who fought for our country and lost their lives. Such an emotional piece. It touches my heart. ❤

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