swing stroll slide

bop shout–
eight to the bar–
oompah oompah groove–
boogie-woogie back beat
jingle jangle jive talkin
double time front line howl growl whine–
interlude solitude riff raff boom–
whistle whomp wah wah zoomba zoomba zoom

The Kick-About’s challenge #14 was a short film by Norman Maclaren called “Boogie Doodle”. It really reminded me of Matisse’s Jazz collages, and I used his abstracted figures as inspiration to create my own dancers based on photos of jazz dancers I found on the internet. I also wanted to recreate the shadow effect for both the dancers and the dots. Primary colors seemed a natural fit for both dots and ground, and I cut out the figures in black and white as contrast, inspired by the film.

For the poem I wanted to use music and musical sound words. It was much harder than I anticipated, but I like the idea of a poem composed mostly of sounds, and may visit it again. I found a great onomatopoeia dictionary online too.

Linking to dVerse OLN hosted by Linda.

47 thoughts on “swing stroll slide

  1. Love the primary colors and the transposing of shadow. Reading your poem aloud while looking at the artwork energized me. So neat when art gives a somatic response. Beautiful the way you laid out the moving shapes and the dots. Quite a partay going on here. The youtube sounds didn’t do it for me, reminded me of HAL the insane robot in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Thank you much for the link to the onoma… dictionary. Two of my favorite George songs are Wah-Wah and Savoy Truffle, both rich with onoma…

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        1. I know you commented somewhere about the library apartments in NYC. I used to live around the corner from one of them in Washington Heights that they just renovated, but old time residents still remembered when someone lived there.

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  2. Years ago I wrote a poem I titled Honky Tonk, then I turned my poem into a song and then I recorded it to the music of Bill Doggett and his Honky Tonk on YouTube!! …. I would love to ‘hear’ your poem …. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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