If the circle opens, will it become a line? (new moon/almost like praying)

I wanted to reblog my response to an old prompt of Sue Vincent’s in honor of the New Moon this weekend. The Oracle had something to say about it too.

In my original post, I explained my inspiration: I discovered this week that the plural for luna mare (moon sea) is lunar maria …is that wonderful, or what?  So when I saw Sue Vincent’s Luna photo prompt, above, I had to incorporate it into my response.

Here’s the poem I wrote for Sue’s photo:

The arc of
lunar mountains, edged
dark with bays
of basalt…
Maria!—your names reflect
as mirrors to fill

with sorrow,
forgetfulness, snakes,
storms and fear.
Can we find
the sea of tranquility
and sail into dreams?

between is and if only
we listen
as earth grows restless

breathing wild ancient song
beneath murmuring leaves

climbing windshine
over rock rooted paths

wandering through the hidden secrets
of the moon’s dark night

And of course this song is still and always appropriate.

You can see 14 other interpretations of “Maria” here.

Also linking to Earthweal Open Link Weekend.

21 thoughts on “If the circle opens, will it become a line? (new moon/almost like praying)

    1. She was, and she knew just what she wanted to say today.

      He is! My parents went to B-W, so it was a nice connection. I was hoping there was a video of the contemporary production I saw last January, but there don’t seem to be any. It got mixed reviews but I liked it. I wonder if the new movie is going to still come out–it was supposed to be released this fall.

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  1. I’ve forgotten all the Latin I ever knew and would never have known that maria is the plural of mare. I thought you were going to give us all the names of Mary for a bit there, Star of the Sea, Mother of Sorrows and all that. West Side Story is much more emotive.
    That opening phrase is absolutely glorious!

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    1. Thanks Jane. The moon seas have very poetic names–I don’t think any are meant to evoke Mary, even though one is called sorrow. And West Side Story…the music has a place in my heart for many reasons.


  2. I enjoyed both poems and your artwork, Kerfe: fitting tribute to a new moon. Luna Maria is indeed a beautiful name: I hope we can we ‘find/the sea of tranquility/and sail into dreams?’ What a lovely thought!

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