does what I construct
from what I see
fit the idea
of me?

can I be mirrored
repeated copied

contained in reflection–
momentary glimpses–
light entering

translating possibility
into something visible,

always an after
to an image as
elusive as

For both of this week’s dVerse prompts, from Mish (eye) and De (quadrille of possibilty).

There was a time when I did many many eye collages, and the illustrations here are from about seven years (and many lifetimes) ago. These are both good prompts, and I still have some ideas…

29 thoughts on “Optics

  1. To me this and that mandate that the answers to each of your questions is yes and no — or no and yes. Your eyes mesmerize, from the fractal to what looks like a flying critter. I also *love* that Peter Gabriel song!

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    1. Thanks Jade. The answers to most of our questions seem to be both yes and no. I did a lot of collages with body parts in that era of my life. I still have collage boxes full of them in storage.
      I forgot how much I like Peter Gabriel. He puts on a good show too from the concert performances on YouTube.

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  2. Wow, these are some trippy, cool images! I love the Peter Gabriel song (reminds me of the movie “Say Anything). Enjoyed your words. Thanks for the fun prompt mashup.

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  3. Amazing collages that complement your poem, and vice versa, and thanks for the burst of Peter Gabriel, Kerfe! I like to think we are ‘translating possibility / into something visible’ here at the Poets Pub.

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    1. Thanks Kim. We are trying anyway. I’ve never seen Peter Gabriel live, but I ended up watching part of a concert after finding this song, and he is someone whose music is definitely enhanced in performance.

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    1. I think we are too many people to figure out really. But at the same time in order to function we have to integrate them in some way. And if we can’t then we come up with a fancy name and try to find some drugs that will do it for us.


  4. Love this so much, Kerfe, these weighty thoughts, expressed in profound simplicity: that last stanza shows us all how complexity can be reduced to brevity and clarity and still resound with poetic beauty:
    “always an after
    to an image as
    elusive as

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