25 thoughts on “antipodal

      1. You’re welcome. Agreed. I have been looking at collage artists in books borrowed from hoopla. So many cool ideas. I might do a post with their names, websites, and samples of their work soon.

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        1. I look forward to that. BTW you were in my dream last night…we were doing a 30 day challenge of some kind of alphabetical poetry and I had gotten lost in the middle…sounds like me… and was looking for you to catch me up.

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          1. Now that is what I call cool, K. You and I sharing and working together is a good thing to dream about. Trying to think of a pun for “lost in the middle of alphabetical poetry” as that’s the format dreams seem to like to use. I had a very interesting dream the other night also. Too long to go into but it felt like a big message was being conveyed so need to ponder it a bit.

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  1. This reads like a perfectly formed drop of inspiration from the Muses, Kerfe. As a death poem, it says so much about all that is unsaid and unknown and “stilled”. And I appreciate the stark realism, so beautifully worded. What a pleasure to read and reread!

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