she spins
a new cocoon…
wings folded, form fading,
reflecting back as ghost shadows
the dark circle of the forest
moves ever closer as
time compresses
is done is done…what will
emerge as the continuum
unbounded, uncharted, starborne
she waits…her elements
recombined as

I used the (repeated) butterfly cinquain form because Diana Peach’s #photoprompt illustration, above, for Colleen’s #TankaTuesday, made me think immediately of a butterfly/cocoon.

For the artwork I did a painting inspired by the illustration and then fooled around with it in Photoshop to try to convey a feeling of metamorphosis.

29 thoughts on “transfiguration

  1. I was reading your piece at the POPO cards site and saw the picture of the postcards. Are those the ones you did or the ones you received? Then when I clicked “read more” it opened into this post. I can see how the original photo you were inspired by did so. As I read your poem, then looked at the original photo, I thought the words needed to cause a ripple in her image. Then I saw your interpretation of it. Just right and truly a transformational poem. Just what I needed to read today.

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    1. Thanks Jade. That is strange! WordPress is really mixed up right now to connect you to this post, but I’m glad it did. And to answer your original question, those are the ones I received. I’ll keep posting the ones I sent as time goes on when I remember to/get myself together to. Time is in such a strange place at the moment…

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      1. You’re most welcome. Right now my printer/scanner isn’t working after I moved it to another location in the house which is very frustrating as I use both quite a bit for art and blogging shares.

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