Will you gift me with shadow
wings that uncontain my soul?
Will you scatter me like stars,
wonder me, constellate me?
Will you expand me soaring,
wind me in spiraled orbits,
weave me whole, astral, bewinged?

A pleiades poem for Laura at dVerse. This is a distilled revision of a poem I wrote in 2016 and the artwork I did to accompany it.

41 thoughts on “Wayfaring

  1. Another wonderful word that is rarely used these days, Kerfe – ‘wayfaring’, probably because not many people travel on foot now. I love the questions and the use of unusual verbs and verbified nouns in ‘wings that uncontain my soul’ and ‘constellate me’. The final lines are psychedelic.

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  2. I love the approach of asking questions here….
    wind me in spiral orbits — I like the idea of these words. It reminds me of a whirlagig, if you know what that is. Sometimes I look at those blowing in the wind and think if I could be one of those, I would just fly up into the clouds and enjoy a spectacular day 🙂

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  3. How did I miss this one? The first two lines set the stage for the marvelous action that follows.
    “Will you gift me with shadow
    wings that uncontain my soul?”
    Oh the idea there!
    I love the collage figures, the golden satyr and the winged shadow. Bella! So many good ideas springing forth!

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