beyond dawn

I was thinking about the painting I did yesterday when I consulted the Oracle this morning. A shadorma for Colleen’s #tankatuesday. Sue Vincent provided the inspiration with her haiku, below.

clouds cover the moon,
beyond dawn’s pale horizon
sun rises unseen

haiku ©2020 Sue Vincent

sky of still
water—open me
to borning,
this healing
breath that listens to stars be
tween morning and night

16 thoughts on “beyond dawn

  1. This is beautiful, Kerfe–words and your art, too. Yes, the colors are Turner-like.

    this healing
    breath that listens to stars. . .

    I love that. The Oracle had me listening to sky and water. I think yours, Jane, and mine were all different aspects of the same message about nature.

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  2. The Oracle always shares the beauty of the universe with you, Kerfe. Absolutely beautiful!! I don’t know why Mr. Linky didn’t show up for you??? I did add your poem to the lineup on the recap post. It’s a full moon tonight. Let’s blame it on the universe. ❤

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