What abides
contains emptiness
waiting for
what cannot
return.  What abides remains
forever unfilled.

What abides
is quintessence—the
of a way
of being—the exchange
of rudimentals.

What abides
contains entire lives
and apart–
more than a remembering–
opened held nowhere.

A quadrille for dVerse, where Jade has given us the word abide.

33 thoughts on “Vestiges

  1. Kerfe, I had to read your poem again and again, each time slower, clearing my head so I could understand. You’ve articulated a satisfying wei-wu-wei (action-without-action) response. The drawing of the old shoes is perfect. I love my favorite old pair of shoes.

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    1. All your recent comments were in spam, but I’ve removed them. Hopefully that will fix the problem. I can’t seem to “like” anything for some reason. They need better programmers.

      Abide is indeed an emotional concept. One we can all feel in this time and place.

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  2. I love the sketches of the boots, Kerfe, the repetition of ‘What abides’, which ties up the stanzas like bootlaces, and the thought of quintessence being the ‘exchange of rudimentals’ in order to have ‘entire lives together and apart’.

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  3. You put an image to the idea of things that abide, and I can only think of well-worn shoes now. So apt, the way they are intended to be filled (with feet) and empty they can represent only what has gone and possibly isn’t coming back.


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