mellow moon
is the color

velvet moon
is the color

blood moon
is the color

–not easy–
(but then nothing ever)

is (quite) the color
of the amphibious moon
music of my mind

Mention a color, and all kinds of music comes into my mind. Grace at dVerse has us thinking about musical synesthesia. Stevie Wonder has it. It has nothing to do with the vision of your eyes.

25 thoughts on “innervisions

  1. I didn’t know Stevie Wonder has this but I can really feel the colours in his music even though I don’t have synesthesia. That explains how he creates that beautiful sound world.
    ‘nothing ever)

    is (quite) the color
    of the amphibious moon
    music of my mind’
    – I like how you brought in off-the-spectrum colours, because I think these are the most beautiful. And I love the coloured moons too!

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    1. That’s the kind of color music gives to me. It’s interesting how everyone has their own sense of it–but we all seem to have some associations of color and sound.


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