each other
ringing over
and over as they
tangle with the wind, spin
sailing into echoed waves–
voices patterning the air with
streaming currents, orbed layers of song

A reverse nonet for Colleen’s #TankaTuesday words, mingle and drift.

I had an idea for the art and I did a few different versions with ink and watercolor on rice paper. Although none are exactly what I had in mind, they all have aspects I like.

Also linking to dVerse OLN.

and as a bonus two very different versions of The Carol of the Bells

51 thoughts on “resounding

  1. Kerfe, your orbs remind me of ghosts or spirits coming to earth in the form of light, trying to communicate with the living human world once again. The bells clear the energy so they can make contact. What a lovely reverse nonet. LOVE the orbs on rice paper. ❤

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  2. When I first looked at the art, it looked an atmosphere over the terrain. Now I see it is an atmosphere of sound, voices meshing in celestial resonance. The first video’s sound (using headphones) had my whole scalp tingling. Would love to see what an EEG or PET scan looks like on that one.

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        1. According to this guy, archeological evidence of wind instruments possibly as early as 67,000 years ago, and definitely as early as 9,000 years ago -strings about 4500 years ago. Jane’s imagination apparently resonates true. 😉

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  3. I love the shape of this resounding poem, Kerfe, and the idea of bells answering each other, which is reflected in your choice of carol – one of my favourites. I especially love the lines:
    ‘tangle with the wind, spin
    sailing into echoed waves’.
    The artwork is beautiful.

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  4. I really love this–the bells echoing, layer upon layer–“orbed layers.” It’s another type of circling.

    Both my daughters were in their high school Madrigal group and concert choir–the end of the Christmas concert always ended with Carol of the Bells. I enjoyed the first video.

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  5. I liked the bell shape-poem aspect here, made me smile. I like the “tangling with the wind.” loved the bells that marched out our day when I lived in Switzerland, was sad when I stopped one day and realized that I had stopped noticing them. And now your poem has made me realize anew that I had stopped missing them.

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  6. My wife was in a “bell choir” at church for years. I was always amazed at how much music emerged, Bells in a church have a special resonance.

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  7. My goodness this is absolutely stellar writing 😀 I so love; “ringing over and over as they tangle with the wind, spin sailing into echoed waves.” 💝💝

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