“That what you fear the most
Could meet you halfway”
–Victoria Williams, Crazy Mary

we live both predator and prey
our expectations threatening–
attack, suppress, retreat or stay,
we live both predator and prey
to welcome or to turn away
each action, choice, a reckoning—
we live both predator and prey
our expectations threatening

Sherry at Earthweal this week challenges us to think about our relationship with sharks, or the idea of sharks. I chose to focus on the fear, a good stand-in for many of our anxieties about living in and being part of a connected world.

Ever since Laura at dVerse posted her prompt with a link to eight line poetry forms, I have been fooling around with some of them. This poem is a triolet.

28 thoughts on “exposed

    1. Glad you enjoyed them. Its a song that continues to have new meaning for me.

      I’m really liking these 8 line forms. I tend to ramble on and it helps focus my thoughts.


  1. We often don’t see how threatening WE are… don’t see the predator side of ourselves. An interesting style to choose for predator and prey – lulls one into thinking it is soothing 🙂

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