in the beginning, dark–
isn’t it always?—then
inside the seed, the egg,
invoking each other,
imagined, conjoined, kin–
instruments of (re)birth

The musical selection of seasonal carols that is the Kick-About challenge #17 made me think of the cosmos–not just the return of the light this season celebrates, but the vast circles of time and space to which we belong. But how to show this in a concrete way?

I turned to sacred geometry–the Seed of Life and the Egg of Life, images based on seven circles as a framework for the whole of creation, forms that also echo the tones of the musical scale.

For my collages I used images from 2 of my reference books–Majestic Universe and Space Odyssey. It was a learning process, fitting all the pieces together like a puzzle, but I eventually approached the images I had in my mind.

And for the poem, a seven line form–appropriately named Pleiades. Its six-syllable lines also reflect the 7 + 6 circles of the Egg of Life mandala.

19 thoughts on “infinity

  1. ingenious creativity that not only looks right but feels right. there is something that clicks when i see these ancient symbols. the poem covers our genesis very well. nice music to set the mood as well.

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  2. I suppose it doesn’t matter that there are lots of sacred numbers and nature repeats them too. It’s the repetition that’s import so we can find meaning (and ourselves) in so many different places.
    That final image is like the formation of a new planet, or the earth’s core.

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    1. Numbers are mysterious. We act like we invented them, when all we’ve done is discover what was already there.

      I’m fascinated by all these photos we have of the universe too. It just makes it more incomprehensible. (K)


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