winter solstice 2020

the moon reflects–
caught between inside and out
returning the light

For Frank Tassone’s haikai challenge collection, I have chosen #170, Solstice II, December 19th. These are photos I took of the moon, which appeared briefly that night between the buildings. The clouds soon moved in, dashing any hopes of seeing the two planets in conjunction.

What most interested me about the photos was that the half moon appeared most clearly as a reflection caught in the glass of my window. Perhaps that’s all we can really hope to see this year–a mirrored image capturing what fleetingly enters our field of vision if we are lucky enough to be looking that way.

10 thoughts on “winter solstice 2020

  1. That reminds me of something David Hockney said—he was being interviewed on the radio here this morning—that when you look at something though the glass you don’t see the glass, and if you try to see the glass, you don’t see what’s on the other side.

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      1. He’s such an unpretentious man. All he knows about it drawing/painting and refuses to be drawn on existential metaphysical or other posy explanations for his work. He believes that you need to be able to drawn before you start sticking dead sheep in bottles and calling it art.


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