what shines through water

Perhaps the rain and windstorm of Christmas Eve is a beginning towards washing away the darkness of 2020. Of course, as the Oracle reminds us, it’s never that simple.

I was pleased to have 3 pieces selected for The Ephrastic Review’s Christmas day post: Weathering, Our Lady of Toil and Trouble, and Mari Lwyd . You can read them here

away from the rain
shadows still ache with light
storms rip together apart

yet sea and sky sing roses
in the mothertongue
of the moon

ask what you want
for the dreams
you need

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21 thoughts on “what shines through water

  1. So moving and true, and I love that last stanza. Also, in your collage I see an eye, looking up, in the top left corner — specifically it evoked for me Man Ray’s “Tears”, I don’t know how!

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  2. Congratulations on having your poems selected, Kerfe!
    Your message from the Oracle today is beautiful. I think you, me, and Jane all had related messages again from the Oracle. And yes storms and dreams. I had some strange ones last night–nothing bad, just strange. 😀

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    1. Thanks Merril. What struck me immediately was that we all used the word ache–which is so much what it all feels like. I’ve been having strange dreams myself. But last night I had a very welcome deep sleep.

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      1. Oh, that is interesting about “ache.”
        I’m glad you had a deep sleep. I think I did, too, it was only toward morning that I had some strange dreams (but kind of funny)–apparently I come up with recipes as well as stories in my sleep. 😏

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  3. Congratulations on having two poems in the Ekphrastic Review, Kerfe! This poem resonates with me, as we are currently experiencing floods and storms, and I especially love the opening lines and the magical alliterative phrase ‘mothertongue of the moon’. And you artwork is gorgeous – such strong colours.

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  4. Floods and storms, our common toil — we’re all entangled in the Change — the second stanza is pure peaches for balm. Third stanza, right when dreams could cast illustrative depths, I find them elliptical and shredded: Maybe I’m asking the wrong questions? Congrats on publication … what is the Oracle?


    1. Thanks Brendan. The questions are the most important part I think. The Oracle is the Magenetic Poetry Oracle, found on the website, magneticpoetry.com. Freely available to all under “play online”.


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