All That Is

What do we say to death when
it insists on arriving despite the fact that we
are not ready?  We still have love
that needs to be given.  We
haven’t said all that we feel
to those who need to know.  It
is never the right time, is it?  That’s all.

(a shovel poem after Robert S. Carroll  “This Much”)

I get daily emails of poetry from several sources. I don’t have time to read them all, but I look at least one every day. Yesterday when I opened the Rattle email to the poem “This Much” by Robert S. Carroll, about the death of his father, I was stopped in my tracks. I read it over several times, and then wrote this shovel poem from the ending thought “When we love, we feel it all”. I urge you to read Carroll’s poem here.

For dVerse OLN, hosted by Sanaa, and another response to Sarah’s prompt to have a conversation with another poet/poem.

I know everyone is obsessed with Donald Trump right now, but 4000 people died yesterday in the United States from Covid-19.

23 thoughts on “All That Is

  1. Yes, that is all. Very few are ever ready or really want to go, not even people in great pain. And those who are left do feel that struggle to stay just a bit longer and say, hear, do a bit more. Lovely words (a seamless shovel) and beautiful drawing too. Hands are hard.

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  2. This was an incredibly powerful pairing. Mortality is often on my mind but it has an extra urgency at the moment in my house. We don’t often get the luxury of knowing how soon it may be before it’s too late, so I take every opportunity I can find to say those unsaid things.

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  3. A huge and heartbreaking loss, 4000 is not a small number.. mortality has a strange way of grounding us and reminding that nothing is permanent. I love the drawing and the incredibly potent pairing.

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