Once again, the Oracle made me work hard. I did not intend this to accompany the image I did for the Kick-About challenge last week, but I think that, strangely, it works. I’m sure the Oracle is acquainted with the vase-goddess who inspired the collage.

do our secrets listen to the night?

starry-eyed ghosts
opening like sails in wild air

lingering at windows
like haunted skyvoices
wordclouds dancing on oceans of dark

7 thoughts on “visitations

  1. I imagine the Oracle and the Vase Goddess are well acquainted.
    I really like the poem and the art. I like the idea of secrets listening to the night, and all the things there. It sounds like my imaginings. 😀. Your collage art is so surreal. I love the colors, and in the second image, to me, it looks like the Vase Goddess is looking over the sea from her throne on Mt. Vase Goddess.

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