31 xian (Seeking Union)

To open,
join opposites.
Receive what is given.
Let the unexpected pathway

This poem was first posted in 2018, inspired by Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above, and I Ching 31, which appeared in the envelope collage I did based on a linear print by Joan Mitchell.

I read many interpretations of this hexagram, and tried to distill what I thought was its essential message.

Shelter encloses, but it opens, too.

For earthweal, open link weekend.

15 thoughts on “31 xian (Seeking Union)

  1. An interesting and thought-provoking representation of the I-Ching in images and poem, Kerfe. It;s been so many years since I last consulted the I-Ching (back in the seventies!) that I’d forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding me.

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    1. Thanks Kim. I used to do Beach I
      Ching posts from photos I took at the beach–I still have lots of photos so that’s one thing I hope to get back to next year. My understanding of the hexagrams is much different now than when I was young.

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  2. I love the idea of letting the path unfold………it saves a lot of angst, given we have little control over the big picture anyway. Love your images too, especially the photo.

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