The Daily Question

And what of this life?

The mind sets itself, darkening,
wandering through a self-contained maze.

But here’s the sun, shining on my face–
melting the brittle brumal pathways
that detour spirit.

In the middle of the afternoon, on a clear day, the sun shines between the buildings across the street right into my windows. The other day just as I took a break and lay down on my couch, savoring the warmth, this version of John Denver’s “Sunshine” came on the radio.

Which of course made me think of George Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun”.

Gifts. For this week’s earthweal challenge.

16 thoughts on “The Daily Question

  1. “Brittle brumal pathways” is magnificent…. Alas, having had that John Denver song sung at me most of my life, I can’t bring myself to listen – but I love George Harrison and that is a great version!

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    1. Thanks Sun. I can only imagine. I was just reading about women whose names inspired songs (although I can’t remember where)–how disconcerting to be greeted with a song after introducing yourself (even if they don’t know you’re the “real” Sharona).

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  2. We accept those gifts when they come to us. We accept them without any thought other than joy and thanks. Having John Denver’s song come on at just that moment though, you really have to wonder…

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