who sings and with what tongue

Not only is this totally different from the poem I started to write, but the Oracle took me in a completely unexpected direction. She also led me right to an old piece of art that fit, one whose origin I’ve forgotten. She clearly had a message for me. If I could just decipher it…

we are but thoughts
mad gardens of whispering wind
soaring on shadows
cast by wordstorms

ask how or why
and be chanted
into the music
of timeless dreams

20 thoughts on “who sings and with what tongue

  1. Our poems (yours, Merril’s and mine) have a similar driving movement, it’s storm and wind and the elements. We’re just caught up in a bigger picture, and there’s not much we can do but sit it out, watch, and try to understand.

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  2. I think yours, Jane’s, and mine are all different aspects of the same message.
    I get such a sense of freedom and motion in yours–I see the mad, whispering thoughts channeled into “the music of timeless dreams.” Lovely!

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  3. I wonder if memories aren’t stored in cells. Today at my massage appointment, depending on where she was massaging, different random and isolated thoughts popped in. This isn’t the first time it’s happened. Mad gardens indeed. P.S. Hoopla has that book of drawings that you designed your interdimensional beings from. I’ve been looking at them. Isn’t it mind-boggling how many life-forms there are? Speaking of interdimensional beings, have you heard this song:

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    1. That’s an interesting concept. We really have no idea even what the mind is. And yes, those drawings are endlessly fascinating. Your song didn’t come through! Maybe if you give me the name, I can find it on Youtube.

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