nina birthday mandala s

with eyes reflecting
in every season day and night
and on each new hour–

in expectation
of bursting
into song,
nestled in the openings
between yes and no–

shall we dance?
the shadows linger,
into dusk–
and still our bodies listen
and repeat, reply,

riding dreams
past waves of darkness,
not asking
how each sky
contains the endlessness of
spinning leaping light–

claiming wings
invisible yet
our steps rise
following silent music,
orchestrated flight

that repeats,
always being born
we have been cast out like seeds–
resplendent, alive

A shadorma chain for Merril’s prompt at dVerse, connections, and Brendan’s earthweal challenge, entanglement. With more art from the archives.

33 thoughts on “synergies

  1. I really like the visual of embryos in expectation of bursting into song – fantastic! Feels like exactly where we are with the hope of a new year caught in between the pandemic and other world crises.

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  2. I love the connections between stanzas in this shadorma chain: and that triumphant ending, in spite of having been ‘cast out like seeds’ – something always grows up out of them!

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  3. The perfect imagery for today, Kerfe. The dance continues, this time into the light. Thinking of you and all my artists here and looking forward to having much more hope to work with.

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