Unlike the past few weeks, the Oracle had no hesitation about what she wanted to say. It’s a bumpy road, but we’re moving forward now.

here is a dark cup
of lies–
time will salt them
and feed them
to ghostfish
haunting the oceannightsky

away with you!
morning celebrates
like a wild flower

Art is from 2018.

29 thoughts on “transitioning

              1. It’s different when you don’t have to live with it and the horrible reality. We listened open-mouthed to the enormities he came out with and sniggered in a superior sort of way about how utterly uncultivated and semi-literate he was. Our fun is over, but you’re having to pick up the pieces. I don’t really wish him back in the news. Not much anyway 🙂

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                  1. Most European countries are governed by people with a lot of education who speak intelligently even if there’s a lot of cynical distrust of what they say. We mostly admire intellect.
                    The UK is different, more like the US in the pretence that politicians who speak ungrammatically and generally don’t know what they’re talking about are closer to ‘the people’. The Brits were more likely to admire Trump than the average ‘person’ in continental Europe.

                    Actually, people like Marge are the ones we never ever laugh at. They are downright scary, and the scariest is that they are elected scaries.

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    1. Go to Click on play online. You can choose which set of tiles to use–I think this was from the Poet set. Then start picking out words to construct your poem. Jane, Merril, and I consult the Oracle on Saturdays and it’s amazing how often our poems have a similar feel. Some weeks are easier than others–for me, the words came together right away for this one. They jumped out at me. Some weeks it takes a long time to get the message.
      I so regret that I never got to see Tom Petty live. I was always unsuccessful at getting tickets…

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  1. Love your poem. Love that Petty song. I often listen to Tom Petty Radio on Sirius XM & I heard just yesterday that this was his favorite song. He said years after he wrote it he realized it was about himself. Neat, huh?


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